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Index and the World Rings, Chapter 4
Play “Hyrule Field” from Zelda: Twilight Princess!

Night 4: Die, Big Brother

Stage 2: Hyrule Field
Mission: Get to the hospital where Gon is!

Nagisa and Killua raced over the lush green field, charging toward a Bokoblin camp. The demons screeched and waved their weapons at seeing the humans, but were unprepared when the white-haired performed a Shave and beheaded a Black Bokoblin. Two more of the demons tried to pierce Nagisa with spears, but he blocked with his Iron Body. Morgiana grabbed him and spun, using him as a bat to send the Bokoblin flying. Killua threw his twin yo-yos and wrapped them around the necks of two more, throwing them into a Silver Bokoblin. Afterwards, Morg smashed Nagisa into said monster, then Killua impaled him in the chest.
“Hey, you use yo-yos to fight just like Sally Harper!” Maria noticed.
“Yeah, pretty cool, right? Wanna try one?”
“Okay!” Maria held her hands out, but when Killua
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Index and the World Rings, Chapter 3
So, you might be asking, why am I putting Hunter X Hunter characters in a Zelda world? And my response is… … … … … why not?

Night 3: “Something”

Hyrule; Zoldyck Grounds

“Alluka?” the white-haired boy spoke again. His sister’s face was still hollow and mask-like, and her silence only made him more worried. “Alluka, say something!”
“’kay. ‘Something.’”
And in a second, joy was plastered on the 11-year-old’s face again. “Big Brother, say ‘Happy’!”
“Er… Alluka, what was that?”
“What was what?”
“Th-That face…”
“Brother, won’t you say ‘Happy’?”
“Um… Happy…”
“Now say ‘Hello.’”
“Say ‘Thorough.’”
“‘Thorough’… Huh?” Th
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Index and the World Rings, Chapter 2
Let’s begin with our favorite narrator!

Night 2: The Scattered Pages

KND Arctic Base

What’s up? You remember me? The name’s Nagisa, Leader of Sector SA. It’s been a while since we talked, huh? Yeah, I’ve been busy; saving the universe from an inter-dimensional time demon. Just another day in the life of the Kids Next Door. Right now, I’m on an espionage mission. The Arctic Base has new recruits, and I’m collecting as much info on them as I can. You never know if we’re gonna need it.
Dressed in his Sheikah attire, Nagisa was holding the ice ceiling like a spider. He watched as Marcus Drilovsky was walking in with Supreme Leader Cheren Uno. “Numbuh 3621, we have a small problem with one of the cadets: Mikoto Misaka.”
“She’s the girl Carol recommended. What’s wrong with her?”
“Oh, nothing wrong with her; she’s incredibly talented at combat, stealth, and hacking, we might
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Neo Nextgen Rap
This one-shot draws heavy inspiration from Donkey Kong 64’s “DK Rap,” as well as the “Yooka-Laylee Rap” from Yooka-Laylee. I would say this song is a parody, but those songs kind of parody themselves. XD

The Neo Nextgen Rap

Harry Gilligan began playing the DJ as spotlights shone upon the stage.
So, here they are
Performing for you!

All the operatives from Sectors V, W, W7, SA, and others posed on the stage. (Zach Murphy was wearing a tutu.)
If you know the words
You can join – in – too!

Maddy whispered something in Zach’s ear. The boy panicked and ran off.
These kids are the best
You can count on that!

Zach returned in his normal clothing.
And we’ll prove it…. with
This non-infringing rap! HUH!
K. N. … Kids Next DOOR!

The kids danced, jumped, and kicked to the left—Mocha sent Jinta flying by accident.
The stage went dark, and when the lights were back, Secto
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Index and the World Rings, Chapter 1
Welcome, everybody, to the 6th story of the Newborn Saga. This story also marks my 8th year of writing; the 7th anniversary of the Gameverse! So as per tradition, we need a big adventure story with lots of crossovers!

Night 1: Keeper of the Stories

Once upon a time, there was a king and a queen. Their love was eternal, or at least for the better part of a day. You see, the king feared his love would be disloyal, so to assure that would never happen, the king killed his wife after the first night. He had hundreds more wives lined up, and he killed each one after one night. And then one day, he met his newest wife: Scheherazade. Before they commenced proceedings, Scheherazade told the king a story.
“Did you know there are more worlds beyond this one? Did you know that people and wars exist on those worlds? They are not human like we are… They were called Zathurians, and they sought the Power of the Stars. And one day, as if by a miracle from the gods, two c
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Do You Remember When by gamewizard-2008 Do You Remember When :icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 0 0
The Legend of Zelda: Araea's Mask, Chapter 5
Yes, the “Four Maidens” thing is extremely similar to RWBY. But hey, this is still a crossover series, so why am I worrying? It’s not like Nintendo would actually make a game of this… :( Play “Vah Ruta Dungeon” from Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Chapter 5: The Spring Maiden

Dungeon 1: Rain Temple
Mission: Find out what’s happened to the Spring Maiden.

The inside of the temple was surprisingly bright, its walls a yellow-green. A gentle rain was pouring from the ceiling, which was brimming yellow like a sun. Link smiled and held his hands out to feel the rain. Ayri jumped out and tried to feel it herself. “Link, I can detect a magical spell that is causing the temple to draw in water from the outside and continuously produce rain. Too bad the rain goes right through me… I wanna feel rain, tooooo!” She stomped her holographic feet.
“I guess I’ll have to leave this cap on, or els
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Operation: FROST, Chapter 4
Okay, everybody! In here, chaos happens. XP By the way, I got a snow day! I love you, snow! X33

Chapter 4: A Jolly Man’s Dreams

Close to Uno home

After Cheren’s secret meeting, the boy was on his way back home, having to stuff hands in his pockets for warmth. Just when he was two houses away from his own, Aurora jumped out from behind some bushes and tackled him to the street. “Aurora- MMP!” She punched across his jaw.
“WHY’D YOU DO IT, Bro?!” she yelled, punching him more.
“What are you talking about?!” Aurora then threw him against some trashcans.
“You GAVE away the CODE Module!” Aurora pounced onto his back and punched the back of his head.
“Don’t lie to me!” Another punch. “I was spying on you! You traded the Code Module with a DEMON in exchange for a MAP! What’re you meeting MAJORA for, HUH?!”
“Aurora, that WASN’T the CODE MODULE!
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The Legend of Zelda: Araea's Mask, Chapter 4
Zelda Rule #37: Always start with a forest world. …Unless you’re Wind Waker. XD

Chapter 4: Picori Island

Terminan Sea

The sky was partly cloudy as twilight began to shine on the frozen sea. Link was leisurely steering the ship, sailing through the ice as if it were liquid, albeit having to maneuver around mini icebergs (the ice-cutters could only cut surface-level ice). Link decided to try outfits on Ayri, fitting her with smaller pigtails, a dress with flowers, and sandals. He set the personality to ‘Playful.’ “So, Link, do I really look like your sister? Huh, do I?”
“You’re a spitting image, Ayri!”
“I guess this means I gotta call you Big Brother now! Do I get to pull pranks and take your toys?”
“That sounds great, Ayri!” Link said with a chuckle. He sighed and looked out at the sea. He hadn’t seen his little sister in two years. They had barely spent any time toge
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Index and the World Rings Intro - Seven Rings
Seven Rings In Hand is the main theme to Sonic and the Secret Rings, written by Runblebee. In the Gameverse, it serves as the theme to Index and the World Rings.
Here’s a link to the song.
Lyrics and Animation:
Make beliefs reborn
Myths and mind rethought

Index looked up at a sky of shooting stars. A vision of Scheherazade appeared in the sky and closed her eyes.
Question all that’s known
Legends blurred and torn

Hat Kid and Mustache Girl stand against a flaming background, not facing the other. The entire screen caught aflame.
Make beliefs reborn
Myths and mind rethought

Scheherazade raised her shining staff as a book levitated, its pages turning quickly.
Question all that’s known
Legends blurred and torn

Hoopa’s eyes glowed as he held the book, and the light grew brighter as seven colored rings flew around.
The rings scattered and crashed onto various planets, w
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Pirate Wars Excerpt - Poor Unfortunate Souls
On YouTube, a user called Rogersbase wrote a parody of “Poor Unfortunate Souls” for Big Mom… and it is lovely. X3 So, credits go to him for this upcoming song. This is also a planned excerpt for my upcoming story, Pirate Wars. That story may not be published for a while, so I wanted to get this part up. X3
“Poor, sweet grandson…” Sherry softly stroked Terry’s chin with her giant finger. “I know change isn’t an easy thing to grasp… but you’ll find it might be better than you think. After all, 5,000 years in the Spirit World have given me plenty of time to catch up on things… and nothing has captured my heart more than fairytales.” She stood from her throne and stepped around the table that her descendant was on. Her sun and cloud, Prometheus and Zeus, loomed overhead imposingly. “I’m sure you’ll recognize this one.”
I admit that in the past, I’ve been a nasty
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Stork Family Dessert
So, this one-shot takes place right after Sector $. Yeah, that was a pretty abrupt ending, but it had to be thrown in somewhere. Consider this one-shot a precursor to Pirate Wars.

Chapter Bonus: Stork Family Dessert

Stork Household

Today was an unexpected day for Lola Stork. She didn’t expect to make a new friend at a church. She didn’t expect to find a demon in a church. She wasn’t expecting a long-lost aunt to suddenly pay them a visit, nor was she expecting that same aunt and a band of mustached pirates to hold their family at gunpoint. The least surprising thing was that her aunt had three eyes.
“Bartie, when you talked about your sister, I think you left out a few details.” Virginia said.
“Let me guess.” Lala Stork said. “He forgot to mention my psychotic nature, didn’t you? Well, let’s give everyone a look.” She grabbed her own head and pulled out a strip of film. The four studied the
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The Legend of Zelda: Araea's Mask, Chapter 3
Did I forget to mention what a GREAT year 2017 was? It was the rebirth of 3-D collectathons! Breath of the Wild, Yooka-Laylee, Hat in Time, Mario Odyssey! Not to mention the finale of Fairy Tail and Seven Lights Saga! Ah, what a good year to be a geek.

Chapter 3: The Ancient Lion

Clockwork Sewers

Link descended a ladder and soon touched the floor of the sewer. As he expected, the water was frozen down here as well, icicles on the ceiling. What caught his eye was a door that was sealed with a code terminal, but he would investigate that later.
The ice withstood Link’s weight as he walked across, having to avoid the usual falling icicles. There were several platforms along the ice that Link chose to go across to avoid slipping. He came to a short frozen waterfall with no way to climb up. Partway back, there was a block with the symbol of the mask on all sides. Link could push the block to the waterfall and use it as a boost to clim
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Araea's Mask by gamewizard-2008 Araea's Mask :icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 1 0
The Legend of Zelda: Araea's Mask, Chapter 2
One thing I really liked about Majora’s Mask is how they kind of jump into the story and don’t waste too much time with tutorial stuff.

Chapter 2: Clockwork Island

Link. Link! Where are we? Huh? Something’s happening. M-My body… I’m…
Link’s eyes opened to darkness. Within that darkness were snowflakes drifting toward the ground. “Man… what just happened?” Link asked himself. “What? Hey… my voice. It’s different.”
Link sat up and rubbed his eyes… something felt off. His hands were yellowish, very skinny, and animal-like. His feet were the same, but he still had his tunic. Link grabbed the Sheikah Slate as Ayri jumped out. “Unauthorized access detected: scans read that you are not my user.”
“Huh?!” Link panicked. “What are you talking about, Ayri? It’s me, Link!”
“Illogical. My user ‘Link’ is a Hylian
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Sector $, Chapter 6
So, did everyone catch those very obvious foreshadows last chapter? Anyway, we’re ending this story on a rather soft note. And this may or may not be a huge fanservice chapter for someone.

Chapter £6: The Earl’s Punishment

“SOMEONE! ANYONE!” Young Ciel’s screams were barely audible through those of the dying children on the table. His eye absorbed every moment of torment his fellow captives were enduring until their last breath. “I don’t care who! Just kill these heathens! Put a stop to this nightmare! ANYONE! ANYONE!!”
A mass of darkness shrouded the room, slaying all the adults. By this time, unfortunately, all the children but Ciel had been sacrificed. The demon that had revealed himself faced the helpless child with brimming red eyes. “Now that you have issued your first order… our contract is established.”
They had finally left the darkness and were out in a sunny, grassy field. “Very w
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Pocket Witch by Friendlyfoxpal Pocket Witch :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 114 33 Princess Froppy by Josh-S26 Princess Froppy :iconjosh-s26:Josh-S26 310 67 Shrunken Ruby and Weiss by PrincessDuni Shrunken Ruby and Weiss :iconprincessduni:PrincessDuni 86 34 SPOIL 246 - Yachiru and Nell by Koklico SPOIL 246 - Yachiru and Nell :iconkoklico:Koklico 148 15
Jane, Defender of Decura Chapter 1
The Adventure Begins
"Your lunch break was over thirty seconds ago" snickered Myra before pointing at the clock on the wall of the employee lounge. "Please manage your time better Jane or I'll have to report you to Selena."
A confused Jane looked up. "I still have two minutes left" she said while pointing at the clock.
"Well it's super busy out there" Myra explained. "So I'm ending this break three minutes ago. Come on, up you get."
Jane rolled her light blue eyes and dragged herself from the table. "Pretty sure you take more than three minutes every single day" is what she wanted to say but wisely chose to keep it to herself, insulting the assistant manager was not the best idea for somebody wanting to keep her job at Foodland. After putting her long black hair up in a bun, Jane left the lounge and returned to her register.
Despite her break ending sooner than expected, Jane put on a brave face and prepared to do her best to help any customer in need. Unfortunately, that enthus
:iconlordwolx:LordWolx 56 35
LoZ - School work by Mitsuyuki32 LoZ - School work :iconmitsuyuki32:Mitsuyuki32 393 77 [The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker] Crab by Display-This-Anyway [The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker] Crab :icondisplay-this-anyway:Display-This-Anyway 128 16 [MMM] Team Work! by FreezyChanMMD [MMM] Team Work! :iconfreezychanmmd:FreezyChanMMD 5 4 Paper Mario: The Book of Ages by ChetRippo Paper Mario: The Book of Ages :iconchetrippo:ChetRippo 2,078 459 Every Paper Mario Partner by Nelde Every Paper Mario Partner :iconnelde:Nelde 767 265 Cheer up, Beth! by SweetIntent Cheer up, Beth! :iconsweetintent:SweetIntent 110 33 Art Muesum by Friendlyfoxpal Art Muesum :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 100 84 Element symbols by V-PK Element symbols :iconv-pk:V-PK 35 36 And Screw Your Spiky Hair Too by InotNedloh And Screw Your Spiky Hair Too :iconinotnedloh:InotNedloh 109 47 16 Bit RWBY by Stickgag 16 Bit RWBY :iconstickgag:Stickgag 39 9 Comission: Gameverse's Carol Masterson by OperativeNumbuh227 Comission: Gameverse's Carol Masterson :iconoperativenumbuh227:OperativeNumbuh227 2 6


The Gameverse is a long, vast, and storied realm of action and wonder, and it all came from my brain and my fingertips. Well, 90% of it at least. But I can’t deny that I was a rookie when I started writing it. I made a handful of mistakes, some inconsequential, some… emotionally scarring. Even as I have grown wiser and my writing better, mistakes are still being made. But all good writers must be able to acknowledge where they went wrong, and that is what I will do here today, where I discuss my Top 5 Things I regret writing.


But first, a few ground rules. First, this list will not discuss scenes or stories that I deleted (including the pointless characters in Firstborn or Monty’s Unexciting Galactic Days). I also won’t discuss mistakes that I WILL fix eventually (the missing stages in the Benders’ Dawn Saga or half the Darkness fights). I only plan to discuss mistakes that I can’t erase, whether because of plot reasons or because I don’t want to, for other reasons.


Number 5: Sector JP, Chapter 3: Jinta, the Strongest Boy


I…I don’t know what I was thinking when I made this one. Well, yes I do: this chapter was meant to be a satire to my own series and emphasize how the girls seem to have more roles than boys. Jinta hated this fact and wanted to enter a Girls’ Boxing Tournament to prove that he was stronger than all the strongest girls. It was a mostly fun chapter with a comical conflict that was bound to fail… but that’s where it went wrong. 


The part that I regret writing was the climax of the chapter, where Karin humiliates Jinta. I mean, I guess it was part of the satire, but from a realistic perspective, what decent friend would do that to a fellow teammate? If you were in Jinta’s shoes, you would feel the exact same way. That’s why I decided to write in a scene where Karin feels guilty and apologizes to Jinta. The reason this is at the bottom of the list is because of that, and it also made Karin a flawed person in her philosophy.


Still, when I think about it, the “gender diversity” problem is more of an invisible one. I mean, genders aren’t purposely segregated (coughexceptamazonia) and both male and female characters are either super strong or averagely strong. One thing you have to understand is, I don’t assign roles to characters based on gender, I assign roles based on which characters are best qualified for them, whether this be who should be a Firstborn Guardian, a Sector Leader, the main villain, etc..


Number 4: Seven Lights: The Side Stories


There is no story more complex and riddled with side-plots than the Seven Lights Saga. Of course I had to divide it into two stories happening at the same time! This I don’t regret, because the Side Stories featured some important content and developments.


What I do regret is how I made it too connected with the Main Story. There were scenes in the Side Stories that drastically affect the Main Story and vice-versa, and if a person were only reading one or the other, they would just get thrown off. The biggest example was the final chapter of the Side Stories. You remember what happened, right? I won’t spoil it because the Main Story already does that.


Number 3: The “Rip-off” Stories or Scenes


One of the issues with Kingdom Hearts is that the side-plots in the Disney worlds were rip-offs of the plots from those Disney movies. The Gameverse shares this problem, too, unfortunately. It happened with Operation: CLOWN, it happened with the Captain Rourke twist, and the Arceus Battle mostly ripped off the Xemnas Battle. And when I do something like this, even if I add my own little Gameverse touches, the end result ends up being predictable unless you’ve never seen their origins.


But I don’t actually regret this too badly because, unlike some Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts, the “rip-off” scenes in the Gameverse usually advance or correlate to the plot. Especially since we got Mocha!


Number 2: Anthony Ant


It’s common knowledge that I throw in a lot of G/T (Giant/Tiny) in my stories. I don’t regret this. I think G/T is a cute subgenre and it can lead to hilarious interactions and development between characters. A lot of other series do it, too, like Disney, One Piece, or Fairy Tail. That being said, I can acknowledge that some G/T moments weren’t really necessary. Some of my G/T-centered stories didn’t need to exist, but there are others that I’m really proud of. Anthony Ant… is not one of them.


First of all, it was too cutesy. As the Gameverse is a heavily action-adventure-centered series, while adorable characters really balance out the intensity of certain scenes, Anthony Ant was too adorable. True, the characters were young children, but still. The second reason is, it ultimately revolved around forcing Anthony to learn a lesson. Y’know, ’cause he was a bully, but even then, I don’t feel like it was a conflict that needed to happen. I guess it had the benefit of giving him a character flaw, but we still have his jerky nature. Regardless, everything about the story from its premise to its ending… ugh, you can really tell this was still back in my younger days.


Honestly, the only thing I feel was relevant in this story was that subtle foreshadowing where Anthony’s dad is holding him. You know, ’cause… Anthony’s “other dad.”


Number 1: Kami Drilovsky


In my starting days, I didn’t create as many OCs as I do now. I borrowed OCs from other writers, and the reason for this was establishing friendships between them. Depthcharge2030, Numbuh 6.13, Fanny, Big Hat, and many of them were good friends. Of course, I figured they were hoping for their characters to have major roles in the Gameverse, and I admit there were some that I wish I used more. However, regardless of how well I used their characters, most of them still enjoyed the Firstborn Saga, and not just the parts with their characters.


The biggest exception, however… was Kami’s creator, Yougotburned. She was HORRIBLY biased, HORRIBLY unreasonable, and I think the ONLY reason I wanted to be friends with her is because she used Dynamite Girl’s Violet McCleary in her high school fic! Yeah, talk about a dumb reason! I didn’t even like the story, it was as cliché as they get!


And she didn’t care about ANYTHING that was happening in my stories, she cared about NONE of the characters except for Kami! And even when I gave Kami a chapter, even when I gave her an amazing scene, she gave ZERO SHITS. KAMI DEFEATED KING K. F***ING ROOL, it was one of the most AMAZING battles in the Gameverse, and she gave no shits! (Okay, technically he killed himself, BUT SHE PUT UP A GOOD FIGHT!) She did not acknowledge ANYTHING that was happening around Kami!


And she also wanted me to make her friends with Morgan, the Blonde Kuki Wannabe No One Remembers, and that Blonde Kuki Wannabe Wannabe That No One Remembers, and she wanted me to pair Kami with Buddy. I am SO GLAD I did NONE of those things! Because why would it have mattered? She cared about nothing else, why would she care about that?


With all that said, I like what I did with Kami. I gave her real character flaws, like her concealed dislike for aliens or her desire to make a more “proper” daughter, and flaws were something that she was lacking in her original stories. But I can’t blame Yougotburned too much. After all, we were teenagers back then, and I had my own biases. Teenagers are annoying. Period.



Honorable/Notable Mentions


Crossover Obsessions


Across the Gameverse, you can tell what series I was obsessed with when I started incorporating a bunch of crossovers from them. Recent examples were One Piece and Fairy Tail. Like I said with the gender thing, I don’t add crossovers for the sake of my obsession with them, I add them if I have an idea with them and I think that idea can work in the story.


That being said, I think the worst crossover obsession was Kids Next Door. You know, the center series of this entire saga? The sad truth is, the Gameverse was born out of an obsession with KND. That’s why we had the bad 1/362 or 10/11.0 romance. This is why I’m sick of looking at Operation: GALACSIA because it reeked of my KND obsession.


But as I kept writing the series, there were less traces of a KND obsession, and the KND that existed in the series evolved into something better than it used to be. The KND learned that not every adult is a supervillain, healthy foods like meat and vegetables are better than candy, and they welcome teenagers, benders, aliens, and generally ANYONE in the KND! As long as they wanna save the world and stuff! And decommissioning is only reserved for legit traitors… well, before it became obsolete. And that has become the ultimate philosophy in the Gameverse: showing that even snot-nosed kids can learn and grow. (Hey, it’s more rare than you think. :P)


Kuki and Wally’s Surprising Love


I don’t regret this one. At all. The ¾ shipping was positively the most toxic and the absolute worst thing in the KND fandom, and this one-shot was a testament to their sickening and overdone, over-rated, and unoriginal stories. If I spent more time in the Fairy Tail fandom, I would probably find the same problem with Natsu/Lucy.


And the 2nd time I wrote a satire of a pairing was Sector KB, Chapter 2, with Ruby/Sapphire. That chapter is one of my proudest ones (especially since it was actually taken seriously), and it was probably my only reason for publishing even a shred of Sector KB.


The Death Fake-Outs


Mr. Enter recently made a list of the Top 11 worst clichés, and the #1 worst cliché was the Death Fake-Out, wherein a character dies, but they come back to life sometime later. The Gameverse pulled this trick a LOT back then. Dr. Facilier, Leopold Anderson, Davy Jones’ victims, and even some modern stories do it. The Death Fake-Out is common in a lot of series. As much as I love Fairy Tail, one of its worst problems was that it pulled this trick too much. One Piece also did it, but with that series, it was only minor characters, so they weren’t used to score cheap emotions out of the audience, and it was mostly for the sake of not having to keep track of more characters. However, no one’s gonna fall for it if a main character fake-dies.


But with some fake deaths, like those in the Gameverse, they’re mostly used for plot reasons, and nowadays, I try to avoid it if I can. You could say Leopold’s fake death in Firstborn wasn’t necessary, but then we wouldn’t see Danika’s Shadow Fury. And if I bring any character back to life, it’s mostly villains through illegal means. If you aren’t aware, there’s a hundred ways to come back to life or become immortal. That’s why I have to make consequences for those involved – for instance, their soul gets tainted, or the god must be tortured or imprisoned. (And no, Mary and Madotsuki don’t count because their matters were different.)




But now that we’re on the topic of death, I will say this: I have absolutely no intention of bringing Bill Cipher back. I think his death was the most heartbreaking and emotional in all the Gameverse. If I were to revive him by some means, it would totally ruin the emotion of that scene. Even if Bill was a villain, you have to understand his position and his conflict.




It still sorta hurts to look back on these mistakes, not to mention the ones I have yet to fix, but we have to remember the grander scope here. The exciting action scenes, the diverse and likeable characters, the inspiration I try to make them bring simply by doing what they do, whether it’s sending a candy giant to the sun, saving troubled girls from imprisonment, or implying that a First Grader would make a better president than an adult. It all makes the Gameverse an exciting place to live for so many people.


Do I expect the Gameverse to have a major impact on the world? Of course not, the real world doesn’t care. After all, I try to make the characters in the Gameverse believable.

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Hello, guys, it's me, Gamewizard2008, also known as the King of Crossovers. ;) I'm the author of the Gameverse series, a massive crossover series that centers around Codename: Kids Next Door, but also features Avatar, One Piece, Zelda, and a little of any series you can think of. All of my stories are in my deviantART gallery in chronological order, so check them out if you want. I also draw pictures of my characters and scenes from my stories.

Here's a link to my FanFiction profile.…

Fanfic friends: :iconidaofficial:, Numbuh 6.13 (Mika), :iconoperativenumbuh227:, :icondepthcharge2030:, Dynamite Girl, :iconbluebutterflykisses:, :iconarissaprincess321:, AzureSkyMoon

Wendy Stamp by whiteflamingo FT Charle and Wendy by Fannochka Mary - Ib Stamp by LamentiStamps fairy tail - wendy by jojorules911



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gamewizard-2008 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
And you, too!
Nintendorak Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2018  New Deviant
Happy birthday!!
gamewizard-2008 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
And thank you!
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