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Sector LN, Chapter 1
At first, I had no intention of giving Sector LN a sector story because the members were directly linked to their canon counterparts. But I had too many ideas for these characters that I couldn’t let go to waste, and seeing as my G/T story for Witch Academia got way more Favorites than World Rings is getting, you can understand why I wanna switch gears a little bit. After all, Little Witch Academia is a show that leaves me desperately craving for more, but the only way to satisfy my lust is to write my own adventures for them. I also plan to include some ideas that didn’t make it into World Rings.

Chapter 1: True Respect

Planet Avalar; Grunty Industries

High within Avalar’s Hivory Mountains lay the foundation of Grunty Industries, famous the world over for the manufacturing of magical medicines, magic-powered technology, and even magical foods. However, the wisest people would know of the horrors that take place in this fact
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Sucy, You Shrunk Me! Chapter 3
It’s been real fun writing for these characters. Now I really can’t wait to use them more in the main series. …Not that anyone cares about that.
Sigh, okay, I just need to get my feelings out there: it just upsets me when stories like these receive more fans and attention than my real stories. Like, I only write these shrink stories for fun or just to experiment, and while I do write them with heart and dignity, they pale in comparison to the heart, effort, passion, and originality present in my Gameverse Saga. I have, like, two visible people who like the series, yet when I weigh that fanbase against the boatload these stories have, it doesn’t do well to boost one’s confidence. Like, I enjoy writing these stories, but they’re not the kind I want recognition for. Sure, I could just not write them, but if I don’t, then the idea would just keep throbbing in my head until I do.
Well, whatever. Thanks to everyone who read this story, here’
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Field Day!, Chapter 5
Anybody ever see that small YouTube series “Sandbag’s Revenge”? Well, this is what that is. :P

Chapter 5: Eve of the Renaissance

Cleveland, Virginia

Chris Uno and his partner, Weiss Schnee landed on a street in Cleveland – or should I say, they landed on a car. “Whoops! Sorry!” yelped Chris as they both jumped off.
“I don’t understand, why did we have to escape?” Weiss asked. “They’re just Sandbags, we could’ve fought them!”
“Did you not see what they did to Maddy, Mocha, and Sheila?! I don’t know what happened to those things, but they’re vicious! All we have to do is regroup and think of a way to destroy them all. The only problem is figuring out where Nebula warped them all to. She can be real panicky sometimes.”
“Ugh!” Chris angrily turned to the car driver. “Look, we’re sorry we…?!”
The “Home-Run” mu
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Field Day!, Chapter 4
I rewrote this chapter to add a new game!

Chapter 4: Teamwork


“We have to partner up with somebody we don’t know?” Wendy asked herself. “Talk about a way to clear up shyness. Romeo-kun, who were you thinking of-”
“Sure, Romey, I’d be happy to team up with you!” Karin Kurosaki said to Romeo, Wendy turning to see them.
“AWESOME!” Romeo shook Karin’s hand. “You’re one of the toughest operatives I’ve read about!”
“Eh, I’m not that great.”
“Uh…” Wendy was somewhat speechless.
“Hey, Blue Girl!” Wendy gasped when Jinta Hanakari marched up and dwarfed her. “Since Karin’s pairing with YOUR teammate, whaddya say WE team up and try to take them down?”
“Uh… O-Okay!”
Haylee watched as her brothers split up to find partners. “Greetings, Ms. Gilligan.” She gasped and turned to Prince Raleigh, w
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Sucy, You Shrunk Me! Chapter 2
Wow, I can’t believe how popular this story became in less than 24 hours.

Chapter 2: Fun With Friends

Diana’s Room

Diana turned on her personal sink, allowing Akko to wash herself. The Cavendish couldn’t stand the smell of breath and donut that reeked upon her form. “So, you couldn’t stay put after all.” Diana sighed. “You’re even more of a hassle than when you were bigger, Akko.”
“Hey, it wasn’t my fault. Barbara almost found me, and she kind of just took me with her.”
“Right, because that makes sense. You didn’t think to make your way back to my room?”
“I TRIED to get Lotte’s attention!”
“Oh, forget it. Akko, I feel like you don’t understand the severity of your situation. If you got lost, we would have no idea where to search for you, we wouldn’t know if you were alive or dead, and I…I would feel wholly responsible for the loss of a stud
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Sucy, You Shrunk Me! Chapter 1
Well, I have become too obsessed with Little Witch Academia to focus on my other stories. And the only healthy way to burn off that obsession is to write stories about them! Yes, it’s a shrink story, and if you want background about this gimmick, take a look at my RWBY story. It’s sad to say these have more views than my main stories. Oh well. With that said, today’s victim is Akko, because that little witch is too cute to not shrink!

Chapter 1: Unfinished Experiment

Students of Luna Nova Academy were ordered to return to their dorms by 8:00pm, and be in bed by 11:00pm. Many wondered what dark creatures would lurk in the halls at this time, but none were allowed to know, merely trust the sweet embrace of dreams. Yet, it was rumored that colored mist drifts out of the potion lab, and a witch’s evil cackle rang from within.
“Heek keek kee kee! It’s almost complete!” Sucy Manbavaran said with a wicked grin, pink smoke
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Field Day!, Chapter 3
I’ve been rewriting some of my first stories. Give them a reread when you can!

Chapter 3: Helping Hands

Planet Aquaria

“I don’t even know how I did it!” Sind was telling his friends. “I just got the idea and figured, ‘Eh, what the heck?’ but I CAN’T believe I actually MADE IT!”
“Don’t even ask me.” Lulu told her friends. “I’m calling that pure luck. And heck, it was pretty awesome!”
Karin had overheard their discussion as she walked by. She noticed Jinta, shirtless and doing warm-up exercises. She cocked a brow, remembering his performance in the Home-Run Contest. “Hey, Jinta.” She approached him. “How exactly did you hit the Sandbag that far? Was it your bat?”
“I don’t think Ururu made any recent modifications to it. ’Guess I was stronger than you thought!”
“Yeah, you, Sind, and Lulu, too. Don’t you think something weird
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Viridi Saga Intro - Departure!
Departure!” is a song made by Masatoshi Ono and is the main theme of Hunter X Hunter. In the Gameverse, it serves as the intro to the Viridi Saga of the Nextgen Series.
Here is a link to the English version.
Lyrics and Animation:
The sun rises over a shadowed structure, which is revealed to be Sector V Treehouse.
Now it’s time for us to take a stand
Open up our eyes and see the world

Cheren Uno wakes from his bed and looks outside. Sheila Frantic stands at the top of the treehouse.
Make all of our wishes come alive
While we’re hand in hand!

Nebula looks out at space from Star Haven as shooting stars fly by. Cheren raises the Master Sword skyward as all his operatives cheer. The camera pans to the sky as Kids Next Door: Next Generation is displayed.
When you’re far away
Know that you’re still in my heart

Fybi Fulbright flies in the heavens with Anthony riding
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Field Day!, Chapter 2
Took too long to make this!

Chapter 2: The Race Is On!


“Maseyfairyyyy!” Carol dove into Sector V and grabbed her boyfriend in a hug. “I can’t believe how long it’s been! I feel like an entire universe’s life time has gone by!”
“Heheheheh! I guess your feelings haven’t changed, Carol?”
“Nope, and neither has my debt! Which is currently $51,275.”
“I know! That’s why I cut it down.”
“So, Carol, you gonna introduce us to your new friends?” Dillon asked.
“Of course! Sector V, meet Sector $!” Carol danced to her teammates’ side. “This white-haired girl is Numbuh Allowance, Weiss Schnee.” Weiss had snow-white hair in a ponytail (which hung to her right), ice-blue eyes, and a white dress. Her high-heels made her look taller than she was.
“Ten bucks says she’s an icebender.” Chris
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Index and the World Rings, Chapter 7
“What up, kiddies? Uncle Deadpool’s back again!” said the assassin with his legs crossed around the neck of a Demon Hound. “While I’m waiting for my personal chopper, the author has asked me to answer some questions the audience didn’t ask. First, what are Sector LN’s codenames? Akko – Numbuh Try ’cause she’s a try-hard; Lotte – Numbuh Series, fits with Sector SA’s book theme, huh? Diana – Numbuh Pro, she’s the top student; Jasminka – Numbuh Increase; Amanda – Numbuh Fly (real creative); Sucy – Numbuh Body Count (yikes); and Constanze—holy f***, how the f*** do you pronounce that name?! Well, she’s Numbuh Brains. By the way, Akko’s Power Level is 1,220, and Diana is 4,082.”
“Master Wilson, there you are.” Kalluto Zoldyck approached him. “Hurry, the chopper’s waiting for you.”
“In a minute, little lady. (“I’m a boy.
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Tea Party Excerpt - Cheren's Training+
This is an excerpt for an upcoming story called The Tea Party, which may serve as the final prequel to Pirate Wars. It’ll be a short story, but it’ll have about 3 side-plots. :P And this is one of them.
There is a rumor that the Hyrule Kids Next Door has had the lowest passing rate for cadets for two years. This was because, in the history of all KNDs, the Hyruleans had one of the cruelest known Drill Sergeants. Her training was so intense that the Supreme Leader was forced to dismiss her. Unfortunately, other sectors feared she was too good for them, and she refused to accept a meager desk or spy job. So, she assumed the role of an Advanced Training Sergeant, one who very few operatives would dare approach.
And today, Cheren Uno was one of those reckless operatives, having ventured to the depths of frigid Hebra Mountains. He was shirtless, shuddering from the cold and armed with only a bow. “W-Why can’t I wear s-s-something warm?”
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Index and the World Rings, Chapter 5
Did you know Akko from Little Witch Academia shares the same voice actress as Gon Freecss? What’s really adorable is that both characters had a similar line at one point: “These are nothing compared to Razor’s spikes!” (Gon), and “These snake bites are nothing compared to Sucy’s poison!” (Akko) The latter of which was just so cute. X3

Night 5: Wedding Crashers

Close to Avalar

“Today is another adventuuuure,” Maria sang, swinging Alluka around, “of actiooooon and splendoooorrr.” She was still wearing her Link colors. “I hope our journey never eeeeends! And then we can aaall be frieeeeends! We’ll flyyyy right throuuugh the stars.” She flew her like a rocketship. “And take us veeeery far! We’ll sing with the birds… they’ll hum our every word!”
“I should totally come up with my own theme song.” Goombella said. “One that’s totally i
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Index and the World Rings, Chapter 4
Play “Hyrule Field” from Zelda: Twilight Princess!

Night 4: Die, Big Brother

Stage 2: Hyrule Field
Mission: Get to the hospital where Gon is!

Nagisa and Killua raced over the lush green field, charging toward a Bokoblin camp. The demons screeched and waved their weapons at seeing the humans, but were unprepared when the white-haired performed a Shave and beheaded a Black Bokoblin. Two more of the demons tried to pierce Nagisa with spears, but he blocked with his Iron Body. Morgiana grabbed him and spun, using him as a bat to send the Bokoblin flying. Killua threw his twin yo-yos and wrapped them around the necks of two more, throwing them into a Silver Bokoblin. Afterwards, Morg smashed Nagisa into said monster, then Killua impaled him in the chest.
“Hey, you use yo-yos to fight just like Sally Harper!” Maria noticed.
“Yeah, pretty cool, right? Wanna try one?”
“Okay!” Maria held her hands out, but when Killua
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Index and the World Rings, Chapter 3
So, you might be asking, why am I putting Hunter X Hunter characters in a Zelda world? And my response is… … … … … why not?

Night 3: “Something”

Hyrule; Zoldyck Grounds

“Alluka?” the white-haired boy spoke again. His sister’s face was still hollow and mask-like, and her silence only made him more worried. “Alluka, say something!”
“’kay. ‘Something.’”
And in a second, joy was plastered on the 11-year-old’s face again. “Big Brother, say ‘Happy’!”
“Er… Alluka, what was that?”
“What was what?”
“Th-That face…”
“Brother, won’t you say ‘Happy’?”
“Um… Happy…”
“Now say ‘Hello.’”
“Say ‘Thorough.’”
“‘Thorough’… Huh?” Th
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Index and the World Rings, Chapter 2
Let’s begin with our favorite narrator!

Night 2: The Scattered Pages

KND Arctic Base

What’s up? You remember me? The name’s Nagisa, Leader of Sector SA. It’s been a while since we talked, huh? Yeah, I’ve been busy; saving the universe from an inter-dimensional time demon. Just another day in the life of the Kids Next Door. Right now, I’m on an espionage mission. The Arctic Base has new recruits, and I’m collecting as much info on them as I can. You never know if we’re gonna need it.
Dressed in his Sheikah attire, Nagisa was holding the ice ceiling like a spider. He watched as Marcus Drilovsky was walking in with Supreme Leader Cheren Uno. “Numbuh 3621, we have a small problem with one of the cadets: Mikoto Misaka.”
“She’s the girl Carol recommended. What’s wrong with her?”
“Oh, nothing wrong with her; she’s incredibly talented at combat, stealth, and hacking, we might
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Neo Nextgen Rap
This one-shot draws heavy inspiration from Donkey Kong 64’s “DK Rap,” as well as the “Yooka-Laylee Rap” from Yooka-Laylee. I would say this song is a parody, but those songs kind of parody themselves. XD

The Neo Nextgen Rap

Harry Gilligan began playing the DJ as spotlights shone upon the stage.
So, here they are
Performing for you!

All the operatives from Sectors V, W, W7, SA, and others posed on the stage. (Zach Murphy was wearing a tutu.)
If you know the words
You can join – in – too!

Maddy whispered something in Zach’s ear. The boy panicked and ran off.
These kids are the best
You can count on that!

Zach returned in his normal clothing.
And we’ll prove it…. with
This non-infringing rap! HUH!
K. N. … Kids Next DOOR!

The kids danced, jumped, and kicked to the left—Mocha sent Jinta flying by accident.
The stage went dark, and when the lights were back, Secto
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Pocket Witch by Friendlyfoxpal Pocket Witch :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 117 33 Princess Froppy by Josh-S26 Princess Froppy :iconjosh-s26:Josh-S26 318 67 Shrunken Ruby and Weiss by PrincessDuni Shrunken Ruby and Weiss :iconprincessduni:PrincessDuni 89 34 SPOIL 246 - Yachiru and Nell by Koklico SPOIL 246 - Yachiru and Nell :iconkoklico:Koklico 148 15
Jane, Defender of Decura Chapter 1
The Adventure Begins
"Your lunch break was over thirty seconds ago" snickered Myra before pointing at the clock on the wall of the employee lounge. "Please manage your time better Jane or I'll have to report you to Selena."
A confused Jane looked up. "I still have two minutes left" she said while pointing at the clock.
"Well it's super busy out there" Myra explained. "So I'm ending this break three minutes ago. Come on, up you get."
Jane rolled her light blue eyes and dragged herself from the table. "Pretty sure you take more than three minutes every single day" is what she wanted to say but wisely chose to keep it to herself, insulting the assistant manager was not the best idea for somebody wanting to keep her job at Foodland. After putting her long black hair up in a bun, Jane left the lounge and returned to her register.
Despite her break ending sooner than expected, Jane put on a brave face and prepared to do her best to help any customer in need. Unfortunately, that enthus
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LoZ - School work by Mitsuyuki32 LoZ - School work :iconmitsuyuki32:Mitsuyuki32 394 77 [The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker] Crab by Display-This-Anyway [The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker] Crab :icondisplay-this-anyway:Display-This-Anyway 133 16 [MMM] Team Work! by FreezyChanMMD [MMM] Team Work! :iconfreezychanmmd:FreezyChanMMD 5 4 Paper Mario: The Book of Ages by ChetRippo Paper Mario: The Book of Ages :iconchetrippo:ChetRippo 2,077 459 Every Paper Mario Partner by Nelde Every Paper Mario Partner :iconnelde:Nelde 762 265 Cheer up, Beth! by SweetIntent Cheer up, Beth! :iconsweetintent:SweetIntent 112 33 Art Muesum by Friendlyfoxpal Art Muesum :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 104 84 Element symbols by V-PK Element symbols :iconv-pk:V-PK 37 36 And Screw Your Spiky Hair Too by InotNedloh And Screw Your Spiky Hair Too :iconinotnedloh:InotNedloh 111 47 16 Bit RWBY by Stickgag 16 Bit RWBY :iconstickgag:Stickgag 39 9 Comission: Gameverse's Carol Masterson by OperativeNumbuh227 Comission: Gameverse's Carol Masterson :iconoperativenumbuh227:OperativeNumbuh227 2 6


“Hello, everyone! My name is Nebula, High Supreme Leader of the Galactic Kids Next Door. If you’re watching this, your Kids Next Door has formed an alliance-ship with us as part of the Galactic Kid Council. This means your sectors may be asked to venture to certain planets when called to. This digital booklet provides information on all known planets our operatives have visited.”


Galaxia Galaxy


Coruscant, the City Planet

Inhabitants: Misc. Aliens

Currency: Credits


The capital of Galaxia, the entire planet is a big metropolis that has existed for ages, making it among the most advanced societies in the universe. In Coruscant’s Capital, all the rulers of Galaxia’s worlds, plus ones from neighboring galaxies, meet here to discuss political and economic happenings. This world also houses the Jedi Temple, where psychicbenders of old once practiced their ancient religion. Due to the events of the Star Wars, this temple has since become a museum.


This planet is also the base of many strong intergalactic businesses, including Mom’s Friendly Robot Company and Schnee Dust. Some of these businesses are strongly connected to Earth’s government.


Bespin, the Cloud Planet

Inhabitants: Terachnoids, Misc. Aliens

Currency: Credits


Connected to Coruscant, this planet is a big ball of clouds with mechanical floating cities. This world houses the Great Library of Galaxia, which contains up-to-date information on all things Galaxian. It’s a fun planet to go flying, but you’d best watch your step.


Wisp, the Color Planet

Inhabitants: Wisps, Irkens

Currency: Munnies


This grassy planet was once infamous for being the realm of the evil Irken Empire, who had enslaved the peaceful Wisps. With the fall of Irk’s last incompetent leaders, the Irkens and Wisps now live in peace. Each colored Wisp has special powers that it can give to those they deem worthy. This planet holds the gathering place for the Galactic Kid Council. Wisp is currently ruled by Tallest Zim.


Flora, the Forest Planet

Inhabitants: Floro Sapiens, Kikwi


This giant ball of green is for all the universe’s nature lovers. Almost all lifeforms on this planet are living planets or have plant features, and as expected, it contains plant life from all corners of the universe. From a colorful Flower Field, a thick undersea Kelp Forest, Sky Islands with Sky Trees, and even a jungle of giant fruits, there’s plant life for everyone! The summit of this planet is home to Nature Goddess Viridi, and, well, we recommend staying away from her.


Its primary tourist attraction are the Steam Gardens, a series of massive greenhouses with robotic Steam Gardeners, built for caring for all endangered plant life or species.



Inhabitants: Amazonians (giant female humans)

Currency: Gor




Another jungle-filled planet that is home to giant warrior ladies, ruled by Empress Boa Hancock. They welcome females of any and all race, but men will be subject to either enslavement or snoo-snoo (please don’t ask). Though, as I’m writing this, I realize this planet does us feminists a bad name. There’s probably not too many anime that they like.


Bobopolis, the Crazy Planet

Inhabitants: Uh… Bobopans?

Currency: Won’t even guess.


A planet born from, well, Zach Murphy during Field Day, located right next to Amazonia. Uh… to be honest, I haven’t set foot on this planet yet, and I’m kind of scared to. Zach Murphy gives me such a headache, I can’t imagine what… WAIT A SECOND, are those supposed to look like boobs?! DAMMIT, ZACH! If the Amazons find out about this, they’ll kill you!


Legola, the Block Planet

Inhabitants: Legoans

Currency: Bricks


This planet looks like it was constructed by a 6-year-old god, the birthplace of the Legos we all know and love. Carpenters deconstruct and reconstruct things on a regular basis, and all solids, liquids, and gases take the form of these colored blocks. Legoans have indefinite lifespans, even if they lose a head or a face. The planet is ruled by Lord Business.


Secco, the Desert Planet

Inhabitants: Dryans, Osirins, misc.

Currency: Pyras


Close to Galaxia’s Sun and home to Sun God Solaris, this giant ball of sand is a gathering place for criminals and shady dealers. There is much history and culture on this planet, however, such as the Osirins who inspired Earth’s Egypt, and the Ancient Wastelands which were once home to an advanced civilization of robots. By activating the Timeshift Stones in these wastelands, one can view this ancient culture in its former glory!


Glacia, the Snow Planet

Inhabitants: Glacians, Yeti, humans, icebenders

Currency: Flakes


The former home of Snow God Polaris, Glacia is a fluffy white planet of endless snow. The barren landscapes are commonly used for secret military bases. Despite their cold exteriors, the Glacians are very kind and hospitable, ready to fix up warm fires and meals for tourists. The ice-made architecture is lovely to look at, and when holidays come around, the planet never looks more colorful. For a time, the Arendelle Mountains were trapped in an endless blizzard, which was said to have been the demise of an ancient kingdom. It is said that only one survivor remains of this kingdom.


Kateenia, the Mountain Planet

Inhabitants: Kateenians

Currency: Pokos


I know the planet is yellow, but don’t mistake these people for bananas. The Kateenians are one of the universe’s smallest races behind the Minish. However, they are renowned for their technical prowess and their pride, which is further supported by martial arts that make them worthy adversaries to bigger opponents. Tourists are welcome to explore the countries, but any access to cities will require miniaturization.


Avalar, the Magic Planet

Inhabitants: Humans, Mages, Dragons, Gargoyles, Cheetah, Ogres, Giants

Currency: Gems


A Core Planet that is brimming with magical energy, it is home to many unique races, benders, but especially mages. This planet was the birthplace of the Disney Corporation, which bases its movies on Avalar’s esteemed historical princesses. The president of Disney, Mickey Mouse, makes his home in the metropolis of Disney Land. The magical communities of Earth also have connections and portals to Avalar, as there is even competition between wizarding schools. The toxic Silver River Forest is the home to Poison God Hexxus.


Aquaria, the Water Planet

Inhabitants: Fishmen, Merpeople, Drophyds, Irkens, Gungans

Currency: Doubloons


This planet is almost entirely flooded with salt water, containing nearly all aquatic life in the universe. There are numerous islands that are used as vacation resorts, and tourists often visit the city of Naboo to see its exotic Gravity Aquarium. The Irkens have built cities on the seabed, with dome air bubbles, and these cities have added to tourist attraction with water parks and more aquariums.


Nightmare Land

Inhabitants: Nightmares

Currency: Soul Cents


This is a floating city that was built by Nightmare King Darkrai, who has scientifically created all its scary inhabitants. Nightmares take all shapes and forms, usually dependent on peoples’ fears. They are all bred in the Fear Factory, which is also the base of Nightmare Enterprises, a corporation that tells monsters and dream-based products to wealthy buyers.


Dagobah, the Swamp Planet

Inhabitants: Misc.

Currency: Depends on the store


A backwater swamp planet whose life-forms lurk in the depths of its endless swamps. Pirates and rogues alike set up secret fortresses on this planet, as do business tycoons with run-down shopping malls (looking at you, Mom).


Vaporia, the Electric Planet

Inhabitants: Vaporians

Currency: Electrodes


For 800 years, this planet was forbidden territory, for the Vaporians had become mindless savages as a result of a Yellow Fear infection. Nowadays, they are a much more peaceful folk, masters of technology who feed off anything electrical. All their rivers and food products are electrical, so this planet unfortunately doesn’t attract many tourists.


Mechanos, the Robot Planet

Inhabitants: Robots, Androids

Currency: Bolts


A planet whose life-cycle progressed far too quickly, but born again from the New Big Bang at a much slower pace. This planet is a paradise to all intelligent and non-intelligent robots, who are capable of aging at the speed of humans. This planet honors robot manufacturers such as Mom or Dr. Eggman. And don’t ask how, but robots are capable of reproduction… including with other species.


Galaxia’s Sun

Inhabitants: Solarans

Currency: Sparks


Warning: DON’T EVEN THINK OF GOING HERE without Fermion Spray!


The center of Galaxia, the Solarans make their home deep within the Solar Mines, where they endless excavate for valuable minerals. From the day of birth, Solarans work in the mines, but this labor has led to the creation of a Kids Next Door. All Solarans are defined by an Eternal Flame, and their color signifies how strong one is.


I can’t stress this enough, but if any non-Solaran mortal goes to the sun, THEY WILL DIE! You must completely cover yourself with Fermion Spray, but it will only last for an hour, so be extremely careful if you’re on a mission.


Nicklodia Galaxy


Avatar Realms

Inhabitants: Humans, Hybrid Animals, Spirits

Currency: Yuans


A planet rich with history, it was the home to the Avatar, Master of the Light Elements. It is divided into four nations: the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Temples, which bred benders of their respective elements.


The Negaverse version is the Negatar Realms, home of the Negatar, Master of the Dark Elements. It is home to the Poison Tribes, Shadow Kingdom, Psychic Nation, and Fear Temples.


Superbia, the Superhero Planet

Inhabitants: Metahumans, misc.

Currency: Misc.


Born from the New Big Bang, this planet resembles a real-live comic book, in which 80% of the inhabitants are born with superpowers, due to the naturally abundant Bang Gas. However, some people are unable to acquire powers, due to Metahuman Immunity in their lineage. Kids Next Doors on this planet are managed by adults – their Hero Schools, and can only become operatives by attaining Hero Licenses. Many famous heroes live here, such as the Avengers or Teen Titans, and is the home to massive comic publishers like DC or Marvel.


Nintendia Galaxy



Inhabitants: Mustachios, Toads, Goombas, Koopas, Boos, Piantas, Bob-ombs, Kremlings, etc.

Currency: Coins


A Core World that is bustling with magic, much like Avalar, and filled with many unique races. This world grows special plants and mushrooms that give one unique powers upon consumption, but only temporarily. These powers are only usable to beings who can adapt with them, such as the Mushroomians themselves, or benders of certain elements. The capital of this world is ruled by Queen Toadstool Peach, a renowned member of the Galactic Council. This world is also home to King Bowser Koopa, one of the universe’s most powerful and strongest tyrants. Again, we advise staying away from him.



Inhabitants: Hylians, Koroks, Gorons, Zoras, Rito, Gerudo, Sheikah

Currency: Rupees


Born from the New Big Bang, this planet continues the legacy of a long-lost Earth kingdom. Despite its rural appearance, the technical craftsmanship of the Sheikah have turned it into a prospering paradise. The fields are fun to roam around (provided you can handle the local monsters), and there are a great many towns and cultures to visit. This planet honors the ancient hero, Link, and Princess Zelda, as well as anyone connected to them (you know who I mean).



Inhabitants: Mobians (humanoid animals), Faunus (half-human hybrids)

Currency: Rings (O)


This planet is home to the most intelligent Earth-based animals in the universe. With origins from the Netherverse, the Mobians have the unique ability to breathe in space. They are capable fighters from the moment of birth, and are naturally fast and strong. The planet is divided between rural and futuristic settings.


The capital of this world is Zootopia, where Chancellor Cheadle Yorkshire lives. The queen of the Sol country, Blaze the Cat, is famous for taking part in the Firstborn Quest. There is also a mechanical city called the Eggman Empire, ruled by notorious criminal, Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik. This planet and Mushroom are rivals in the Intergalactic Olympics.



Inhabitants: Humans, Pokémon

Currency: Pokédollar ()


A famous planet renowned for wonderful creatures called Pokémon, which command a wide array of elements and take countless forms, from sentient rocks, fish, or other animals. Trainers capture Pokémon using Pokéballs and have them do battle with one-another. Some nature-lovers protest against the art, but the Pokémon seem to enjoy the sport, based on our info. There are many exotic locations to visit on Poké and lots of tasty food.


Florae Galaxy


Harnita, the Pacifist Planet

Inhabitants: Harnitans (pink humanoids with antennae)

Currency: Clovers


This beautiful world is the home of pacifistic aliens, many of whom are plantbenders who specialize in Animal Telepathy. In the past, parents of this world would manipulate their kids into doing whatever they asked using pacifistic ideals, thus leading to the creation of a Kids Next Door. This planet never has storms and thus has never seen a rainbow, although the sky is pretty colorful on its own.


Lunaria, the Moon Planet

Inhabitants: Lunarians (blue humanoids)

Currency: Starbucks


Located within a sea of moons that only a Lunarian can navigate. This planet has a beautiful, soft blue glow, and the low gravity makes it fun to jump around. It is home to Moon Goddess, Cresselia, and practices the art of moonbending.


Sweetopia, the Food Planet

Inhabitants: Nearly All

Currency: Chocolate Coins


Born from the New Big Bang, this delicious planet is completely made up of food and sweets. While meant as a paradise for food-lovers, it has long been a base for the infamous Big Mom Pirates, with a vacant throne room designed for their long-lost queen. Based on Queen Linlin’s ancient design, the planet is meant to welcome all races with no discrimination, where they would live in peace under the pirates’ rule. That being said, it is not a tourist attraction, for anyone attempting to leave is expected to pay a toll, unless you were personally invited. And if you were invited, you’re best to do what she says and go, hoping things will play out okay.


Milky Way Galaxy



Inhabitants: Humans, Merpeople, Nimbi, Minish

Currency: Dollars ($) (America), Euros (€), Yen (¥) (Japan)


A very famous planet which bred lots of famous Kids Next Door operatives, from Nigel Uno, Cheren Uno, Rachel McKenzie, Eva Roberts, Sheila Frantic, and many more. It was created from a collaboration of numerous gods, some of which have settled down on this world. For a long time, the humans of this world have feared the arts of bending or the existence of alien races, but these times have since passed. The Earth Kids Next Door has become a very prosperous and welcoming organization for any and all races.


This planet also has wizarding communities, which had remained in secret just as the benders have, but have gained more recognition thanks to Morgan Uno and later the KND themselves. Aside from the KND, the planet is protected by the Guardian Units of Nations, its worldwide military force.



Inhabitants: Martians


Possible cousins of the Kateenians, the Martians are green-skinned variants who are only slightly bigger. It is abundant with rich marshmallows, with their prized possession being the Crystal Marshmallow.



Inhabitants: Rainbow Monkeys


One wouldn’t guess from far away, but the ring of this planet is completely made up of toy Rainbow Monkeys from across the universe. The surface of the planet has long been a home for the colorful creatures.

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