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Seven Lights is hitting many a delay, so here's a new trailer to keep people energized. :P

Precursor to Seven Lights: Wendy in Diagon Alley

Facilier, Wendy, Carla, and Sonny & Donna appeared out of a fireplace in a dingy alleyway. “Look sharp.” Facilier told them as they scrambled to recover from the fire. He led them to the city street, very cramped as oddly-clothed figures roamed everywhere. The windows of every shop were filled with all the magi essentials, broomsticks, wands, pointy hats, as well as (to Wendy and Carla’s disgust) severed animal organs.


“Harvey Old Bean, wonderful to see you!” a man called.


“Bonjour, Mr. Baggins!”


“Facilier, Dear, you make the most wonderful hotcakes!” a lady said.


“Ha ha ha, I do my best.”


“I say, that’s a marvelous specimen.” A man with a long thin mustache and monocle examined Carla. “Is this an undiscovered breed or some experiment?”


Carla flew up and glared in his eyepiece, “I’ll make you into both if you don’t back off.”


Facilier mentioned many times that this was the wizarding community, but Wendy’s never seen it herself until now. She shirked a lot, for she really stood out regarding color scheme; a lot of people were pretty gloomy and dark-looking. Well, their clothing did, the people actually seemed pretty happy, but passed curious looks to the blue-haired maiden and her flying cat nonetheless. She honestly hoped unique hair colors were common in magic worlds, but not this one it seemed. “M-Mr. Facilier, you said a lot of mages need to go into hiding because of their power. Is that why it’s so crowded?” she asked.


“Well, yes.” Facilier frowned. “But since benders and metahumans became more ‘accepted’ 20 years ago, it’s not AS bad, but wizards of all people are still ‘frowned’ upon; or rather feared. Even among benders we’re unnatural. Wizards ain’t as revered as in the Negaverse. I wouldn’t sink so much into it, we’ve gotten pretty used to it.”


Wendy wanted to ask what the ‘Negaverse’ was, but didn’t wanna distract him too much while they were navigating. She saw a group of kids gathered around a building’s window with a Magic Mirror TV inside. Wendy stood at the back of this group and saw an anchorwizard and witch in the mirror. The small picture behind them depicted a familiar baldheaded wizard in a black cloak. 

“In other news, the 2nd of May is nearing, marking the 34th anniversary since the fall of Tom ‘Voldemort’ Riddle. Known for taking many steps forward in the field of Dark Arts, commanding thousands of humans and inhuman creatures to his whim, and achieving immortality through the use of Horcruxes, he will always be remembered as the wizard who brought the greatest age of suffering in all of Wizarding History.” The anchorman went on.


“But let’s not forget those dark wizards before him,” the anchorwitch continued, “like the Arthurian Witch, Morgan ‘Morgana’ le Fay,” a beautiful witch with a flowing pink robe, “Avalaran legend Zeref the Black Cloud,” a very handsome mage with black hair and robe, looked in his teenage years, “as well as more recent rises to stardom, the Devil Reincarnate Ganondorf Dragmire, and the elusive mysterious Man With the Red-”


“Wendy Dear, come on.” Carla returned and took Wendy by the arm, pulling her along.


Facilier was at a shop called Ollivanders, speaking to an ancient white-haired man through the window. “Soooo Mr. Ollivander, I was wondering if there was any progress in, ah, procuring that wand.”


“Mr. Facilier, what do you expect me to do, just call the King of Fairies and request the Fairy Princess’s Fairys Tail? I can make you the best on the market, but whoever expected me to procure a wand of that importance and fortitude must be WAY off their noggin! Surely a Pony’s Tail, or an Angel Feather, or—goodness, a Minish Acre Piece, but you CAN’T expect me to persuade those blasted fairies to give some student wizard their most prized POSSESSION!”


“Look, if it were up to me, I woulda asked for something simple, but this ain’t me, it’s her father, but HE can’t appear in public, so I gotta do everything for him!” Facilier rambled on as Wendy and Carla caught up.


“Siiigh… I’ll keep trying, I really will, but let it be known I have quite a few words to say to her ‘father’. Cod, blasted-. .” He shut the window and stormed inside.


Facilier led them along as Wendy filled with guilt. “Mr. Facilier, you don’t have to get me a good wand. Any old thing would do, really.”


“That’s very sweet o’ you, but I can’t say no to this guy. Still, you have to learn magic at some point, so we’ll have to start searchin’. Lessee if anyone in the pub knows any good teachers.”


They entered a bar called the Leaky Cauldron, which reeked of a smell Wendy only assumed was magic alcohol. Very dingy and rugged inside where many thugs were guzzling drinks and talking. “Ah’ll only be a minute.” Facilier said, approaching the barman at the counter. “Bonjour, Tom!”


“Dr. Facilier! How long it’s been, I say—thank you again for the hair.” He felt his head of smooth brown hair. “What can I get you?”


“See that girl over there? She’s a kid I’m lookin’ after for a friend o’ mine, and, short version is, we’re lookin’ for a..”


Wendy and Carla walked around while Facilier spoke, exploring the bar, though there wasn’t much. She noticed a large book on an abandoned table. Curious, she walked over and picked it up. It was History of Benders, Volume 1. Wendy cracked it open to view the Table of Contents. Chapters such as “Decision of the Gods”, “The Avatar/Negatar”, “Fall of Arceus”, and others were listed. Wendy skimmed them for perhaps anything on airbending – then found a chapter called “Logia Bending”, Section 1 “The First Logia”.


Wendy flipped over to that page and skimmed. “‘Logia is a high level of bending where the bender’s Personal Chi has molded perfectly with the Natural Chi, granting them the illusion to transform into their element. The term was coined by the first bender to achieve this level, Acnologia, a mage who possessed—’”


“Hey, that’s mine!” A boy with purple-black hair and blue eyes, wearing a dark-red vest that exposed his chest, took the book. He looked about 12. “Are you a bender or something?”


“S-Sorry. My name’s Wendy—yes, I’m an Air Mage.”


“A mage, too? Cool! Name’s Romeo. I bend fire.” He lit his right hand with a violet flame. “I use my magic to give it all sorts of colors and effects; I can freeze,” shot blue fire to freeze a table, “stick,” his purple fire was thrown on a man’s shoulder, who panicked to get it off, “and stink.” His flame turned yellow, forcing Wendy and Carla to shield their noses before he turned back. “Trying to develop other colors.”


“That’s amazing! Are you going to Hogwarts next year?”


“Yeah! I’m actually my 2nd year. If you want, I can teach-”


“Time to go, Wendy!” Facilier returned and grabbed the child’s hand. “Got us a juicy lead, goin’ to Orchid Bay.”


“I-I’ll see you later, Romeo.” Wendy told him hurriedly.


“Okay. Take care!”


With that, the team of five were strolling down Diagon. Disappointed that she couldn’t finish that sentence, Wendy spoke, “Mr. Facilier, I read that the first Logia was a mage. Do you think his magic helped him become what he is?” 

“It does feel too coincidental. Yes, there is a very good chance his magic helped him better to become one with his element. By observing him, regular benders got the idea and found ways to do it themselves.”


“But what was his element?”


“Hmmm… to be honest, I only heard of Acnologia, I don’t remember what element he used.” Wendy was even more disappointed she couldn’t finish that sentence. “I would honestly guess shadow, if not maybe fire, or darkness or light—eh, I’m just spitballin’. Either way, our next priority is getting to Orchid Bay. Ah read somewhere the place was a great breeding ground for demons back in the day. Better stay on your guard.”

Trailer to Wendy
s story arc, in which Diagon Alley is the main hub-world. Really looking forward to making this one.

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Elements should represent their overall personalities, and both Homer and Peter make better Poison Elementals than Water or Air. Beer is poison and fart is poison. Plus, they're jerks.
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