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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a prequel story of the Gameverse Saga (actually, this is just a trailer)! This story, Fairy Sisters, is a crossover between Fairy Tail, Steven Universe, Secret of Kells, as well as other series. This takes place 6,550 years in the past of my series. Enjoy!


Fairy Sisters


Planet Avalar; Red Lizard Orphanage


It was a warm night in Tenrou Valley, but cloudy. The orphanage was an hour from serving dinner, but its young residents were active. Red Lizard was a very poor, but diverse orphanage, consisting of humans, Elfins, giants, ogres, any type of child left parentless for whatever reason. The bigger kids were mean to the little ones, and the orphanage’s staff did little to control them. One of the children, an alien girl with blue skin, bare feet, and a blue dress was sweeping in the corner with a morbid expression. She looked 12 years old, but Lapis Lazuli was about 2,000, having retreated to this planet some centuries ago. She had a beautiful Lazuli Gem strapped to her back.


“Hey, Lapis! Lapis!” She ignored the 3-year-old yelling at her. A little girl with black hair, tan skin, purple eyes, wearing an orange dress and white boots. She was Zeira Lizard, the daughter of Lord Jezelf, the orphanage owner. “Lapis! You missed a spot!”


Lapis rolled her eyes, knowing the same response would come. “Where?”


“YOU!!” Zeira chucked the glass of orange juice at the older girl. “Hahahahaha, hahahahaha!”


Angered, Lapis grabbed the orange off her body using her waterbending, splashing it against Zeira. “…Waaaaaah, WAAAAaaaah!” The toddler began crying.


“Is that my baby girl?! Zeira, what’s wrong?” Lord Jezelf Lizard hurried in and picked up his daughter comfortingly. He was a bald man with a goatee.


“L-L-Lapis took my orange juice, a-and SPILLED it on me! Waaaaaahhh!”


“There there, sweetheart, Daddy will take care of this. LAPIS, clean up my daughter! And no using your witchcraft.”


He set Zeira down, and Lapis sighed with anger as she went to get a towel. She bent over to wipe the child clean—“NO!!” Zeira smacked Lapis in the eye. “Lapis is blue like she’s sick, she’s gonna infect me ‘cause she’s gross!”


“You have a point, Zeiry!” Jezelf grinned. “Alright, I’ll make the elves change you. Lapis, make yourself useful!” He threw a thick leather satchel at the alien’s head. “The ogres wanted more roasted Froads. Get huntin’ in the swamp!”


“I can’t go to the swamp, it’s too dark, I can’t even see the moon.”


“STOP MAKING EXCUSES or I’ll make you work the boiler!”


Lapis huffed with anger and took the satchel, leaving the building and walking barefoot down the dirt road. Since the orphanage was short on money – rather Lord Jezelf was keeping it all for his spoiled daughter – footwear was deemed an unnecessary want, and he only bought shoes for kids he liked more. Lapis didn’t really mind, after 2,000 years, it felt good on her soles. Still, she hated being the errand girl just because she was more mature and had powers. I mean, why couldn’t the giants wrestle the Froads, it would give them an excuse to act like the “big shots” among them.


A burning scent caught Lapis’s nose. She looked right. A column of smoke rose from a light in the distance. A house was on fire. Lapis dropped her satchel and rushed that direction, grabbing some water from the nearby river in her bending. As she kept running, she mended the water into arms, ending at giant fists. Once she made it to the small house, she threw the liquid over the flames and watched them disperse into steam. She moved the steam away with her bending as she entered the house.


A man and woman were down on the kitchen floor. As Lapis calmly walked forward, studying, she heard a chair rattle, looking down when a pair of eyes zipped under the table. Lapis crouched and looked under. A blonde-haired girl of 3 years, with oval-shaped, dark-green eyes – with no pupils – wearing a pink dress, and no shoes, looked at Lapis with fright, like Lapis was about to kill her. “Who are you?”


The child stuttered and whimpered. “M-m-m-m… Mavis.”


“Mavis? Come on out, I’m not gonna hurt you.” Lapis held a hand under.


Mavis hesitated. She didn’t know if she could trust her. She very weakly reached her hand. Lapis gave her an assuring smile. Mavis took her hand, and Lapis gently pulled her out, standing at full height like a helpful older sibling.


“Could you tell me what happened?”


“I…I dunno. I was running around outside, and when I came back, Mommy and Daddy were… asleep. They were cooking, but then the house got on fire, s-so I hid. C-Can you please help them?”


Lapis smiled and nodded warmly. She extracted any remaining water and molded it over her hands, letting the liquid glow a mystic blue while her gem did the same. She searched the father’s fallen body. She moved her hands over the chest, the arms, the neck… “I…I don’t understand.”


“What?” asked Mavis, who was otherwise entranced by the glow of Lapis’s gem.


“I’m not feeling any physical injuries.” Lapis checked the mother, laying her ear over her heart. “They weren’t cut, punched, drowned, smothered; these soot marks from the fire are minor, but they fell beforehand. Were your parents sick or something?”


Mavis shook her head. Lapis looked at the blonde mother with a solemn frown. She sighed, stood up, and turned to Mavis. “I’m sorry. I really don’t understand why, but… they’re dead.”


Mavis stared with emotionless green eyes. She looked down. “Okay.”


“?” Lapis raised a brow. “Aren’t you… upset?”


“Of course I am. But I wanna meet the fairies.”




“Uh-huh.” Mavis looked up. “Mommy and Daddy taught me about fairies. They’re magic things, like me.”


“You have magic?”


“Uh-huh. And I can make light. That’s why Mommy and Daddy said I should never cry. Because lightbenders don’t cry. And fairies don’t like crybabies. I wanna meet the fairies. They sound fun.”


Lapis smiled softly. She got to her knees and put a hand on Mavis’s shoulder. “My dad used to tell me about fairies, too. But he said they only come to kids who are upset, or sick. They live in the ocean, so they’re summoned by the falling of tears.”


“…But… Mommy said they live in stars. And I’m a lightbender, and stars are light, and I’m magic, so…so fairies live in stars.”


“Hmhm, you’re not making any sense.” Lapis chuckled.


“Yes I aaaaammm!”


“Well, in light of the circumstances, I’ll give you this one. But, Mavis… just because you cry, it doesn’t mean you’re a ‘crybaby.’ I’m sure the fairies would love a girl who loved her parents. If you loved your parents, you would cry for them.”




Lapis bended more water, and formed them into wings on her back. She turned to show her backside to Mavis, flapping the wings. “Call me your fairy.” She turned her head and smiled. “Summoned by your tears.”


“…” She stared wondrously at the girl’s wings. …The 3-year-old began to sniffle, then cry. She hugged and soaked Lapis’s legs, the taller girl patting her back. With her bending, Lapis collected the fallen tears and formed them into watery hearts. She placed both hearts on the parents’ chests.

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